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EnviSense Industrial RS-485, EnviSense Smart Sigfox, EnviSense Smart Mesh, EnviCore, LoraBridge485 are ready for shipping. Single or small quantity orders are welcome, customization is available for large order, please write us a mail (info@cognimade.com) for quotes and further information.

EnviSense Applications

  • Building Automation: HVAC monitoring, light controlling, comfort.
  • Retail & Building: People counting at a door entrance, room or area filling and usage analysis, marketing analysis, refrigerator monitoring
  • Energy monitoring: heating and coooling systems monitoring
  • Occupational safety: Danger zone monitoring, “man down” alarm, smoke detection
  • Alarm systems: Multi-sensing technologies intrusion detection, glass breakage sound detection and passive infra-red data fusion
  • Fire-alarm: Multi-sensing technologies fire detection, LED smoke detector, thermal analysis, environment temperature gradient, Air quality analysis
  • Privacy-safe indoor monitoring: occupancy, gestures analysis, people behaviour and movements without video capture
  • Health assistance: senior home monitoring, hospital monitoring, “man down” detection

Covid-19 Special Functionalities

  • Body Temperature Measurement
  • Distance Metering
  • People Counting

EnviCore Applications

  • IoT Mesh networking
  • High-customizable local radio networking Gateway
  • IEEE 802.15.4 border router
  • Smart metering
  • Building automation radio networks

LoraBridge485 Applications

  • Field bus wire-to-radio bridge
  • Automatic LORAWan Modbus poller