EnviSense Smart

EnviSense Smart

EnviSense Smart is the environmental sensing box integrating multiple sensors in a single package. Its applications range from the building & home automation, energy monitoring, surveillance, access control, people tracking to health assistance.

The box is small and easy to wall-mount, its size is 13 x 9 x 2.5 cm.

Communication Interfaces

EnviSense Smart can be connected to different building management systems and energy monitoring platforms or Internet of Things platforms.

It supports a wide range of radio protocols:

  • IEEE 802.15.4 Mesh Networks
  • LORA
  • SigFox
  • Bluetooth 5 upon request


EnviSense Smart samples the following measurements at a user-defined frequency:

  • Temperature (-10°C to +85°C  ± 0.4°C)
  • Humidity (RH 0% to 80%  ± 3%)
  • Luminosity (up to 128 klx, resolution < 100 mlx)
  • Presence (movement detection in a range of 82° with a diameter of 5 meter)
  • Air Quality (CO2 400 ppm ÷ 5000 ppm , VOC 0 ppb ÷ 1000 ppb)
  • Smoke detector (Optical particle-sensing)
  • Seismic vibrations detector
  • Acoustic noise detector
  • Mini Thermal Camera for many applications: People Counting, People Tracking, Surveillance, Fire Detection, Health Assistance

Additional features

EnviSense Smart can be power-sourced either from micro-USB or a Li-Po battery. The battery is automatically re-charged from the micro-USB or a Solar Panel therefore it can be theoretically energetically autonomous.

The device includes a NFC antenna on-board, consequently it is fully configurable through a smart-phone App for a fast installation and easy diagnostics.

We offer the customization of the product as a service, from the box silk-screen to the on-board processing. Most of all data fusion algorithms combine multiple measurements in order to achieve a complex evaluation such as people intents, environmental comfort, security risks, people health status. The application of a customized algorithm to the on-board processing makes the product a really smart and autonomous IoT device.