LoraBridge485 is the new field-bus to radio bridge exploting the cutting edge LORA technology. Helping installer to save money and time it can extend field bus communication range up-to 11km (outdoor without barriers) by forwarding Modbus packets over ISM 868 MHz frequency range.

The box is small and easy to wall-mount and DIN-mount, its size is 9 x 5 x 3 cm.


Communication Interfaces

  • RS-485 Modbus RTU
  • SMA Antenna


LoraBridge485 has four operating modes:

  1.  Modbus Slave for the easiest configurability, the device acts as a Modbus RTU slave with a set of Holding Registers storing all configuration parameters
  2.  Modbus RTU to LORA bridge, the device acts as a Modbus packet forwarder from the RS-485 to the Air and from the Air to the RS-485
  3.  Modbus RTU Poller to LORAWan, the device acts as a Modbus Master polling a set of Modbus devices and forwarding query responses to a LORAWan Gateway
  4.  LORA Tester, the device communicates with another bridge with a fixed data packet lighting a led when the packet is received. The function is useful to evaluate the radio coverage of different installation places

LORA communication is extremely configurable, up-to 32 queries can be configured in the Poller-to-LORAWan mode.