About Us

The Company

The company started in 2015 as a two-engineers start-up developing complex electronics equipments for customers of different market fields. At the same time a small line of industrial IoT products has been developed with a specific attention to new telecommunication technologies and sensing devices. The company has grown moving to a bigger office near Milan and now Cognimade team is up to 5 employees.

The Team

The Cognimade team is composed by engineers and electronics & computers enthusiasts, mixing together long-time experiences and dynamism with a specific interest in cutting-edge technologies. Thanks to these skills the company is able to design an electronic product or an embedded system from scratch. The development process starts from requirements definition and architectural design, then mechanical and electronic design, PCB mastering and prototyping, signal processing algorithm, the development of firmware and software, validation and test, and finally editing documentation.

Explore our expertise here

  • Research

    Smart algorithms for new sensing techniques including artificial intelligence on low power micro-controllers and cutting edge MEMS sensors

  • Innovative products development

    Smart sensors, low power wide-area network communications, telecommunication gateways, industrial & IoT protocols

  • Design & Development

    Software, firmware and hardware engineering, Field Programmable Gate Array design and Printed Circuit Board design.