EnviCore is a gateway for local sensors networks based on a low consumption Radio Mesh technology.

EnviSense Industrial

EnviSense Industrial is an environmental sensing box integrating multiple sensors in a single package.


LoraBridge485 is a communication bridge designed to easily connect bus RS-485 devices using LORA technology.


EnviRadar is a device based on the radar technology FMCW 60 GHz for people tracking, people counting and fall detection.

ConnectHub IoT

ConnectHub IoT is a Gateway for Modbus RTU on RS-485 networks, with NarrowBand-IoT and Wifi interfaces.

Base I/O

BASE I/O is a DIN-based device for analog/digital data sampling and relay switching with Modbus
TCP and Modbus RTU connectivity.

MultiAn I/O

IoT analog data sampling device with LORA connectivity with 4 analog inputs with selectable configurations.


ClimaSense is an advanced sensing box integrating multiple sensors, with widespread Modbus and WiFi connectivity.