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As technology related to industrial automation moves forward with innovative robots and machines, the need of a safe sharing of the workplace between humans and machines grows every day. Work accidents are a severe social problems, requiring intervention on the legislation of modern countries but also an improvement of all the safety actions taken by employers, safety experts, labor organizations. In this case a big help to the technology innovation comes from the technology innovation, every day new miniaturized, fast and reliables sensors and sensing technologies are released by the semi-conductor industry, we are taking the best-suited for safety-related applications, adding our telecommunication experience for fast, low latency and reliable data transmission, implementing innovative machine-learning and AI algorithms, mixing the whole with an accurate electronic design for an innovative, high-performance, modular and trusted sensors system.

A set of safety-related sensors-based products is under development and validation. They will be part of a system based on different sensing technologies, such as Infra-Red, Radar, LiDAR, Ultrasonic Time-Of-Flight. At the moment two sensors products are under development and validation, each one supporting more sensing technologies. The Data Fusion algorithm and the Safety functions are implemented in the system core, a device working both as communication data-logger/gateway and advanced Artificial Intelligence device. We choose to integrate more sensing technologies in order to exploit the best characteristics of each technology, solving system-integration problems such as temporal and spatial alignment, data transmission latency, data-rate, reliability and above-all safety. The platform will be available also for systems requiring IEC 61508 SIL levels.

Supported functionalities are:

  • People Tracking
  • Perimeter Safe-guarding
  • Human-Machine real-time separation distance monitoring
  • Human Fall-detection

Applications of these products include:

  • Collaborative Robots
  • Moving Robots
  • Workplace Safety

Cognimade partecipated to a COVR Award project, validating a working preliminary platform in a simulated industrial-realistic scenario. The platform is being enhanced in order to include more sensing technologies and improved Data Fusion algorithms for better performance. Browse the COVR Toolkit in order to get more information about the safety around robots topic, safety of machinery standards, protocols and validation strategies.

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