FieldBus Wire-to-Radio Bridge

Modbus RTU over LORA repeater
Automatic Modbus Poller and LORAWan Data Forwarder



Multi-sensors box for indoor environmental monitoring

Temperature, Humidity, Luminosity, Air Quality, Movement Detection, Acoustic Noise
Smoke detector, People Counting, Vibrations measurements. Low voltage relay output
Modbus RTU over rS-485 protocol supported.
Low-Power Radio Transmission supported: LORA, Sigfox, Mesh, NB-IoT
Advanced People Counting
Advanced Intrusion Detection with mixed sound-processing and infra-red technologies
Advanced Fire Detection with LED smoke detection, passive infra-red, temperature and air quality data fusion


Telecommunication Gateway for Low-Power Local Radio Mesh Networks

Connect your local mesh radio network to the Internet (or LAN) with advanced export protocols support

EnviRadar Project

Cognimade has been admitted to the Regione Lombardia funding program called “Innodriver S3”, directed to support the collaboration between SMEs...