EnviSense and EnviCore will be ready for shipping at the end of the Q1 2018! Single or small quantity orders are welcome, customization is available for large order, please write us a mail (info@cognimade.com) for quotes and further information.

EnviSense Applications

  • Building Automation: HVAC monitoring, light controlling, comfort.
  • Retail & Building: People counting at a door entrance, room or area filling and usage analysis, marketing analysis, refrigerator monitoring
  • Energy monitoring: heating and coooling systems monitoring
  • Occupational safety: Danger zone monitoring, “man down” alarm, smoke detection
  • Earthquake: preventative measures, prompt intervention
  • Privacy-safe indoor monitoring: occupancy, gestures analysis, people behaviour and movements without video capture
  • Health assistance: senior home monitoring, hospital monitoring, “man down” detection

Covid-19 Special Functionalities

  • Body Temperature Measurement
  • Distance Metering
  • People Counting

EnviCore Applications

  • IoT Mesh networking
  • High-customizable local radio networking Gateway
  • IEEE 802.15.4 border router
  • Smart metering
  • Building automation radio networks