EnviSense – The new low-power wireless sensing box

EnviSense, the first IoT product of Cognimade has entered the certification stage. The sensing box is very small (7.5×6.5×2.5 cm wall-mount plastic case) and it includes the following sensors:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Luminosity
  • Presence (Movement Detection throuhg a Passive Infra-red sensor)
  • Smoke detector
  • Air Quality (CO2 concentration)

Its applications can range from Building Automation, Industry 4.0, Power Metering and Domotics.

The first release will support the Modbus RTU protocol through a custom 868 MHz wireless module, then Zigbee, Thread, SigFox, Bluetooth and LORAWan standards will follow during the 2017.

The innovation of EnviSense consists of integrating all those sensors in a small box, covering multiple radio standards simply switching the firmware. Furthermore the box is very low power consumption, it can be powered from a simply 5V power supply or from a Solar Panel with a Li-Po battery making it potentially energy-independent.

For details or information contact us at info@cognimade.com



Samples pre-orders opened, ask us prices and release scheduling.

If you are interested in EnviSense but you don’t know how to use it or which platform to combine with it please send us a e-mail.