Energy metering – consumption monitoring solutions

Energy efficiency refers to all policies aimed at optimizing energy resources to reduce consumption.

Effective energy efficiency strategies include the adoption of consumption monitoring solutions.

Why monitor consumption today

Monitoring energy consumption provides a clear and detailed view of how energy is used.

This allows for the identification of inefficiencies and waste, as well as the areas where intervention can optimize energy use. Any energy analysis is, in fact, conducted based on specific data decided by the Energy Manager’s guidelines. The collection and analysis of data thus enable the implementation of an energy-saving plan. This leads to a reduction in costs associated with energy use.

The increase in costs is one of the reasons why there has been a growing trend in recent years towards optimizing consumption. This has also resulted in greater attention to energy and environmental sustainability.

Energy efficiency has become one of the goals pursued at a national level as well. There are many initiatives aimed at raising awareness about the importance of controlling and reducing energy consumption. Specific guidelines have also been established for all buildings and industrial plants. The ultimate goal of these strategies is to reduce energy expenses and emissions.

In the industrial landscape, a key role is played by large ‘energy-eaters’ companies, which are provided with specific incentives to support high energy costs (Law No. 169/2023). These large companies are among the first to adopt energy efficiency measures for better consumption management (Legislative Decree 141/2016). Therefore, investing in consumption monitoring solutions is essential.

Energy Monitoring Systems

Consumption monitoring systems must be:

  • easy to install and manage;
  • precise in measures;
  • integrable with different types of sensors;
  • scalable, i.e., adaptable to plants of any size.

CogniMade’s Solution

The system designed by CogniMade allows for the integration of sensors and measuring instruments. The collected data can be easily exported to BMS or other management software. This solution includes:

  • Sensors for environmental parameters: temperature, humidity, brightness, presence of people and air quality;
  • Power Meters
  • Calorimeters
  • Gateway/Data logger: for data collection, with Modbus RS-485 and Wireless
  • Cloud Platform for data collection and visualization.

Data analysis can be customized with predictive models and machine learning algorithms. Additionally, the system can be integrated with alarms configured according to specific safety thresholds.

Advantages of Consumption Monitoring

  • Energy efficiency and reduction of consumption costs
  • Compliance with ISO 50001 standards
  • Support for business management activities
  • Support for maintenance and safety activities

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