LoraBridge485 is ready for shipping

The new Cognimade product is ready for shipping with an additional feature. Already helping installers to extend a Modbus over RS-485 field-bus up-to 11km with the LORA radio technology, it also helps installers by providing an easy-to-use instrument for radio coverage tests on the field. Two bridges communicates automatically sending a fixed packet, the transmission test is successful as a packet is received and the front LED is switched ON.

The Bridge functionality can extend a Modbus field-bus easily, with a pre-configured set-up a slave device is able to respond to queries up-to 11km of distance from the Master in a while without any configuration change.

The Poller functionality let Modbus sensors to be used in a LORAWan network, by simpling defining all needed queries and their period. The bridge acts as a Modbus Master forwarding all responses to the LORAWan Gateway.

For more information please write to info@cognimade.com and visit the dedicated page of this site: LoraBridge485