Workplace Safety Products & Applications

We have created a new web-page about our research & development branch dedicated to workplace safety technologies and applications. Stay in touch with us for news about Workplace Safety:

  • Human-Robot Collaborative Workplace Monitoring
  • Human-Robot Separation Distance Real-Time Monitoring
  • Perimeter Safeguarding
  • People Tracking
  • Human Fall Detection
  • Reference Standards and Technical Specifications: ISO12100:2010 (Safety of machinery — General principles for design — Risk assessment and risk reduction), ISO/TS 15066-2016 (Safety requirements for collaborative industrial robot systems and the work environment), IEC 62998 (Requirements for the development and integration of safety related sensor systems used for protection of persons), IEC 61508 (Functional safety electronic safety-related systems)
  • Data Fusion techniques and algorithms supporting multiple sensing technologies
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Workplace Safety